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Build bonds, not walls.

This campaign departs from the intuitive premise that both elderly people and young adult migrants need each other. Indeed, on the one hand, elderly people often feel alone and look for company, while, on the other hand, young adult migrants have not yet established contacts with native people and many of them have arrived in their host country leaving their parents behind. These young adult migrants still need the presence of parental figures who can play the role of reference. In this sense, this work package creates a typical win-win situation, where the interests of all categories involved are taken into account. Moreover, new third-country nationals will also have the chance to practice the language of their host country and increase their social networks. In this perspective, our initiative can suit the most diverse needs of newly arrived migrants.


The objectives of this work package are the following:


- Providing newly arrived third-country nationals with the chance to practice a local language.


- Fostering mutual understanding between people with different cultural backgrounds.


- Increasing social cohesion.


- Increasing a sense of inclusion of elderly people into society.


- Increasing intergenerational links between the young and the elderly.


- Mitigating possible biases and stereotypes towards migrants by elderly people.

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