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Build bonds, not walls.

Europe of Solidarity aims to provide migrants with a better and more effective mentoring system, that may be closer to migrants needs and more sensitive to their personal experiences. Workshop series and activities aimed at providing migrants with useful information to overcome their daily challenges will be provided as well.


A set of activities will be reserved to women and will be committed to helping those who have suffered violence with the rediscovery of their identity, values, competences, and desire for a new life project. It will be a programme in which migrant and local women will be able to share their own experiences and receive advice by trained staff on how to face challenges regarding violence, abuse and any form of discrimination.


The objectives of Europe of Solidarity are the following:


1) Reducing the migrants perception that they are alone in dealing with every-day problems.

2) Providing migrants with the chance to access the most useful information possible to meet their needs.

3) Providing migrants with the chance to widen their social networks.

4) Favouring contact with local communities.

5) Empowerment and re-planning of life for women affected by violence.

6) Helping migrant women broaden their social network and make friends.

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